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The song remains the same ....


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Of course not. Right decent of you old chap
I was with my daughter.

We weren't sitting with them, but we were the only other people in the bar (it was extremely tiny).

Every time one of them got another round, they looked around at us and asked us if we wanted another.

They were staggering when they got on the plane, but nobody said a thing to them.

Anyway, they were well behaved on the plane so it was all good.


The Sherzos are where Jazz came from, or Vaudeville and/or Burlesque (.........................!??! Don't quote me on any of that but you've got to admit: it sounds good :read :monkey winks:monkey winks:monkey winks:monkey winks:monkey winks:monkey winks:monkey winks:monkey winks:gun swirl)


Thanks for those Chopin links, DRAH! amazing!
Yeh, I bought a 2 dollar second hand book at good sammy yesterday, or maybe the day before :hush :mystery:mystery:dunno2, called The Great Pianists with the intention of finding some names I'd never heard of before yet thinking somebody might have uploaded examples of their work to youtube etc...

The first name I came across was a student of Liszt called The Little Giant- Eugene d'Albert.

Cool ay :gun swirl I love that Sherzo he does.... And that Chopin one I'd never heard before...


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Amazing guitar skills, beautiful medley. Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins play "I'll see you in my dreams" and "Imagine" live in 1987.