The song remains the same ....


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reminds me of something that happened on the weekend. We were driving to a concert ('Bullhorn' ...big brass band and with a rapper as lead singer ... bloody awesome) when the oldest lets out a 'ohh my gosh' and starts giggling in the back seat ... the radio in my car puts up the name of the song playing on the display, and the song happened to be 'sexual healing' by Marvin Gaye

So I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to do my own version of the 'it's to keep the rabbits out' moment :groan... I told him that sexual healing was what you sought when your weewee was sore. My wife looked at me and shook her head in disgust. Then she said something like ' Eddie (my youngest) is going to ask for sexual healing every time his weewee is sore now (which is often as he won't leave it alone) ... 'imagine when he gets a sore weewee at school and asks the teacher for some sexual healing or when we're out at the shops and he says it out aloud'😮



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My fave niece is doing it a bit tough and a couple of years ago, at her first school, her daughter said, about the uniform IIRC “We can’t afford that, we don’t have the money.” So the school, other parents donated donated items of the uniform. Of course, my niece meant they couldn’t afford some things so as to afford the uniform, a fine distinction for a 6yo.


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I've been finding these old album covers and they are Amazing
My Favorite are the Tea Baggers and Modernism is the work of Satan .. Looks like I'll be ruminating in the op shops for my own copies


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August 7 is Purple Heart Day in the U.S.

"Some scars you see, and some ya don't, and some of them are flesh and bone you see. Some scars ain't so hard to find, when other scars hide deep inside of me."

"And I've got one hand on a bottle, and I've got one hand on my gun. I've got one round in the chamber, and yet they call me the lucky one."

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