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The Dictator doesnt like criticism


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It sounds all stupidly childish and over emotional. I would imagine if everyone was facing each other in room together, it would be vastly different attitude change.
But, that’s not to discount how hurtful typed words on a screen can be.
A long time ago, (from 2002) since joining a forum, getting caught up in all the emotional bs, I learnt to steer clear and be neutral. If you knew what shit there was back then, and a certain pesty alcoholic that always threatened people, it was awful. A lot of learnt experience there, I don’t want to be burnt twice.
But it wasn’t all negative, I made a lifelong friend from that. She is a gem of a person and I am grateful to have her in my life.
Anyway, back to this forum, I notice even Aussie is swept away from here to deal with a forum that seemingly causes pain of injustice, it’s like some have to go there to justify or stick up for themselves against accusations.
Sometimes I feel DDH, Chucky, Pinkeye are the diehards in here.
I like that Chucky says he won’t be going and can’t rid of him, he obviously likes it here.
But what you reckon, how would he cope in the OzPol forum?

If attention is continually brought up about other forums then positive attention is taken away from this forum and we don’t want that do we?
Yes I pop into the OzPol occasionally, I click on a link to learn something only to find the thread has degraded down to bickering against each other and other topics come in to railroad the original post.
Well I said my thoughts. :Hi


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It is and AiA is talking a lot of bollocks.

I will archive this thread before long, the spate of bullshit, hypocrisy and virtue signalling has about run its course.