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Tasmanian Tiger


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We got a LOT wrong about the extinct thylacine.

Like its size:
The research shows that the Tasmanian tiger was much less intimidating than its name suggests, and was the size of a small dog rather than a wolf.

Using advances in 3D analysis, the study by Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute and School of Biological Sciences, showed that the thylacine weighed around half what was previously thought, clocking in at about 17 kilograms on average.

The researchers established that there were strong differences in the average male and female body size, with the male mean of 19.7 kilograms and female mean of 13.7 kilograms. The mixed-sex population mean of 16.7 kilograms is then well below the 21 kilogram threshold for predators likely to take large prey.

Despite extinction in the 1930s and film footage, the species is a true enigma, with almost no direct observations supporting an understanding of their behaviour and biology.
So—twice the size of Demi, not four times the size. This means the Tigers would not have hunted in packs to bring down big game, like modern day wolves do. Yet:
Many of the 19th century newspaper reports just might have been ‘tall tales’ – told to make the thylacine seem bigger, more impressive … and more dangerous!

I guess the thylacines robbed one too many chicken coops

Scientists have extracted the complete genome of the Tasmanian Tiger—one day it could brought back from extinction.

Not a tiger and not a marsupial wolf—marsupial fox?

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