Renewable energy developments


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Rating agency S&P has warned 13 oil and gas companies, including the some of the world’s biggest, that it may downgrade them within weeks because of increasing competition from renewable energy.

On notice of a possible downgrade are Australia’s Woodside Petroleum as well as multinationals Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Imperial Oil, Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Energy North America, Canadian Natural Resources, ConocoPhillips and French group Total.

S&P said it was also considering downgrading four large Chinese producers – China Petrochemical Corp, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp, China National Offshore Oil Corp and CNOOC.

If they are kicked out of the S&P then a lot of hedge funds will stop, just another nail in the dirty coffins of Fossil Fuels.....
It's amazing the finance industry is the one that's ousting Fossil Fuels. Most governments are inept and Australia is actually trying to stop finance lenders from discriminate against them.....
Poor Libs need some new blood.....