Qld election 31 Oct 2020


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Under the Palaszczuk Labor Government, Queensland has the highest number of long-term jobseekers in the nation with 42,800 people out of work for 12 months or longer.

This was the case before COVID and nothing has changed since because Labor has no budget and no economic plan for Queensland.


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so you made up the grey nomad tax?

There are 4 caravans on my street, none of them are grey nomads.
well there you go I don't know anyone that isn't retired with a caravan......traveling around just about every one you meet is retired with a new caravan... I'm working but mine is over 40 years old, I couldn't afford one especially with the extra Labor tax... Funny how no new tax's where supposed to happen after GST,, that's Labor for ya....


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not enough information
Queensland motorhomes and campervans worth more than $100,000, and weighing less than 4.5 tonnes, will be subject to a new 2% tax June 26, 2018 The Queensland Government is coming under fire for introducing what is being called a 'greedy' tax that will hit many of the state's wannabe grey nomads hard.


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I am retired and do not have a caravan. My idiot sister is still working and lives in a caravan.


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Indeed. Another Howard vote buyer that just doesn't make the honesty test.

It shits me that people get refunded tax THEY NEVER PAID. So skewed are our economic bases.

The guaranteed couple pension is better then the self funded retire who don’t live in a million dollar property!

Don't u scumbag's feel guilty in leeching monies off the taxpayer?