Politics aside how is everyone doing ?


Wonder woman
Thanks guys, it's all good. I'm not worried about it.

I just have a peculiar memory.. it is surprising, sometimes. As such I do tend to keep details of things that happened, so

For your edification.

.. I finally remembered a previous incident, which I may have posted about here a year or so ago.
It finally clicked... ( I have poor facial recognition, or is it just a disinterest in people..? )

I'd been following a big black twin cab into the same parking area looking for one on the left.. shaded by the building for my dog. The black thing passed one by a couple of spaces, and pulled in to one on the right, so naturally I took the left one.

But it seems ( she was driving ), it was her intention to back out of that space into the space I was in. I did see her reverse lights come on as I was pulling in, but didn't think anything of it.. after all that happens when you're putting your auto into park. I got out to see this same woman as the recent one, has backed out , then gotten out of the vehicle, leaving it in the middle, telling me I had taken her car space.. what was I doing.? I recall telling her I wasn't a mind reader, she'd parked over there, and her mouthing off about what a smart bitch I thought I was blah blah... she had her kids in the car , having just picked them up, no doubt, from the local State School.. it's always busy around that time of day. :roll

So anyway, I finally connected the two last night .. but I expect she recognised ME at the time, because I'm more recognisable than your average old lady.:). and I drive a recognisable vehicle, with accompanying dog.:bgrin

Where as she was in one of those ubiquitous bloody big SUV's that all look the same. Usually full of fat women and a sludge of children. They're everywhere.... I really should avoid that time of day for shopping, it's just it is an otherwise convenient time for me.

So the ... Oh you are kidding me .... response I got yesterday becomes more understandable,, hee hee all entirely unintentional on my part, I sure seem to annoy this woman, AND

I suspect she's a diabetic heading for a heart attack, even at her young age, she is so angry and aggressive, i feel sorry for her actually.

But I WILL keep my eyes open for the black thing in future.

So fellas, don't evr think of me as fearful..... if anything I am careful BUT I am also quite aggressive myself.

I won't take shit from anybody.


Wonder woman
Thanks yeah.

Is McLaughlin in that..? oh NO thats right, he's in the Indy Car races.

A local lad has arrived on your shores to play in the bigtime.


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Nervous! The COVID19 news is too good to believe! I am going to Tassie next month for FOUR WEEKS!

I half expect something to happen so the trip can’t go ahead!

Still discomfort from right hip but that does not stop me going ahead with my walks.


Wonder woman
Crikey. If I'm keen I walk my dog around the block.. 1 klm exactly up and down.
I could do more but the dog looks glad to get home when we get close to home. I don't necessarily walk her everyday.. depends on how I feel... I've got some structural issues too, including a dodgy hip. Still all my own parts so far.
Dog is hanging in there, and just loves a walk, but NOT a long one.
Her size and age, and sometimes the weather clearly has an impact, but she does love to go and leave her messages and sniff sniff sniff... :)