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Politics aside how is everyone doing ?


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Getting optimistic about 4 weeks in Tassie Dec–Jan! 42 new cases and NO DEATHS in Victoria today! (I need to drive through Vic to get to Pt Melbourne and the ferry.) I could fly and get back into SA but $$$ for 4 weeks car rental!


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We're OK, Pink. Just bored with staying in. We've kept all the windows shut since this began, but we do have AC.

I really hate this. I miss fresh air!

Baron is making the best of it, though ... :roll

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You need a pooch to get Baron of his perch! If it is any consolation, I went through the same smoke density etc in Canberra last December. It is really shitty stuff. Get some VBs in and get pissed!


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Went and got my growler filled at my local brew pub, and now I’m sitting down with that and a meat and cheese plate, and the NASCAR race is just about to start. Las Vegas this weekend. It’s a very fast 1.5 mile track.

Maybe after the Covid crap isn’t a problem anymore, we could meet out there for the races!!