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Neuralink a company to watch our for...


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If Neuralink can read the signals sent from the brain, it’s possible that it could also take a human’s thought and turn that into action. In the case of someone who’s paralyzed, they’d have a second device below the impacted part of their spine that would receive the messages sent by Neuralink, essentially creating a wireless communication channel to replace the physically severed spinal cord.

While we’re years away from this, it’s plausible that this could be used to get wheelchair-bound people walking again. That would be truly life changing.

Becouse this is Elon I'd say it will be a success and could make lives better for so many people.....Love that this presentation was just a recruiting drive to get top people involved... Musk already has the best Space Company and now his Car company is worth more than the next 5 car companies combined (Toyota, VW group , Merc, Honda and BMW)
His Boring Company is also got more work than it can manage and becoming worth Billions.....
There is a reason he is now the 4th richest man in the World....


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Yup. Might need to put the people in an exoskeleton, control that with the device. Or use the device to rebuild muscle atrophied in useless legs, arms.