Morrison is denying something else


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I've given up on the Australian public, our political system, and Labor in opposition.

The fact that Morrison still has a job is just beyond belief.

The Governor General and the opposition are as weak as piss.

They sit back and moan, but do absolutely nothing about it.

Morrison will get away with this, just like he's gotten away with everything else, and the morons who go to the polls will re-elect him and his incompetent, criminal government.

This country has gone downhill so fast, and so far.


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Yeah, hard to believe.

Bob fucking Brown, neoliberal and pretend environmentalist, made sure the three biggest shitheads in the Lib govt, Dutton & Co kept their seats.

The greens are NOT Labor’s friends!!!


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Morrison is covering up multiple scams...
quite apart from the sleaze he oversees. :mad:🤬🐽🍆


for a few...


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Looking at this from a distance...

The Prime Minister should resign, and call for an Election.

He should resign because he isn't up to the job. Totally lost as far as I am concerned...


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He's been out of his depth from the start. Nobody cares though. A chimp could lead the Liberals to win after win.


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I hope we are smarter than another vote for Morrison at the next election.

What shits me ... are the people that say oh oh they're all the same anyway...( when I might talk about issues...) well obviously that is NOT the case... but the real joke is.. for those who say this.. well if that is the case why not vote for the other... and see .?

Seems to be used an excuse to vote for your choice, ...
But you are a stooge if you then vote the same old same old.

I find these attempts to change and control the talk IE NEW MISSILE Capability 1 Billion dollars worth... !!!
utterly pathetic. As for the Payne PM.. FFS !!

Vote'm OUT. They are NOT all the same... and LABOR COULD NOT DO ANY WORSE. !

Lets live dangerously... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :S


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I've said it for years; the LNP have a better PR team than the ALP. And they are prepared to fight dirtier.

Every election lead-up it's the same thing. The lids scare-monger and labour refuse to list the atrocities of the libs. They try instead to be all hopeful .. but it's destroyed by the scare-mongering of the libs.

The libs will always lead with the ALP costing people more money. And they will always win. They even attract the cash strapped Millennials with that one.


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I think the people are sick of the LNP, AND Morrison.

He performed so badly, and continues to do so, over the sleaze that is Parliament House.

Sounds more like Party House to me. How glad those sleazes must be to get back there.
FREEDOM.!!:yahoo No wife and kids......:yahoo
One MP was so HOT he texted in the middle of a Parliamentary session.

These scumbags need to go. It sickens me that my hard work and taxes pay for this porno party.!!


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I agree pink.....Just need a capable opposition.

the LNP have more than enough help (murdoch propaganda and joe public wishing to buy their fifth investment property, or nepotism for their spoiled rugby playing private schooled rape inclined sons).

And while i love Albo's DJing on rage...... it doesn't cut it.

Who the fuck is going to go all tony abbott attack dog on this ignorant, slimy, failed ad man?

Tanya anyone?

/caveat: I will never vote for the LNP while it is being controlled by such horrible, self serving people. and it seems to me that dicks (pun intended) from both sides of politics have their snout in the trough......... depressing
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I've NEVER voted LNP, or Lib or Nat... and NEVER WILL.

Penny Wong is probably a more facile speaker...
I like Tanya P, but Wong is tougher... IMHO.

Chris Bowen could have a good go too, given the go ahead.


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So now we have slow vaccines and it's not HIS fault.

Maybe he can figure out a way to blame the WOMAN who was slandered and castigated, in Parliament , by the PM. For BEING SUCCESSFUL.! The Postal Service... remember that. Scumbag made lots of footage out of that travesty.

What CLEARER EXAMPLE could we find, for bullying and discriminatory behaviour in PUBLIC OFFICE, than the PM HIMSELF.!!

Disgraceful/// she has huge cause for legal action... go for it woman.. take this piss-weak bastard only a fool or a wife could love, OUT OF AUS POLITICS.

He really is a scumbag, without the brains to understand what he is doing.