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Home scale renewable energy


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Opportunities and regulatory hurdles.

Rooftop solar is the biggy for domestic RE. Windmills provide less power but can provide it when the sun isn’t shining.

The trend to higher density housing means less domestic RE and certainly no windmills.

What other RE besides solar and wind?

Hydro? Domestic scale, not likely :bgrin

Biomass? Fireplaces, slow combustion heaters?


There is the zero energy home—no energy needed to heat or cool it, passive solar home etc. Trend is going the other way, just build a group of shoeboxes, no attention to passive solar—no verandahs, minimal eaves etc.

Regulatory—minigrids could see a group of houseowners generating their own electricity but minigrids are strictly prohibited!



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–compost creates heat and methane? How to harvest?

-if have trees, prunings can be burned in a fireplace, fruit wood used to smoke food: all sorts of smokers are available these days, some take up less space than a weber BBQ. Really adds a new dimension to food: pork ribs, chicken wings or drumsticks, whole cobs of corn, beef brisket or make your own pastrami from a piece of corned silverside.


–not allowed, benefits, drawbacks? How would they work?


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I'm all for it. Because I have lots of tall trees solar isn't an option. I have a really well insulated SMALL home, and in winter I use fallen wood from around the place to heat my home, and to cook on.

Only in the heat of summer do I use my air-con. Costs a fortune.

Much harder to cool than to warm.


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Yup. I will need to insulate the floor as well as wall and roof.

My house will sit on stainless steel stumps sitting on bedrock—can’t have a thick concrete slab or brick wall behind the north facing windows! Eaves to keep out summer sun let in winter sun. Well, get advice from someone competent.

Cooling not as big a problem in Tassie as in Qld!


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Yeah, 22% lower cost of electricity to low income renters. Need to reach gigawatt scale tho. But SA is overly reliant on wind so this solar expansion is a good thing.


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cool ... i didn't even have to provide a link ... xenforo provided it automatically with the quote