'His face was in your windshield, Jason': Ravnsborg videos provide more details about fatal crash


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Jason Ravnsborg, the South Dakota attorney general killed a man with his car 4+ months ago and has been stonewalling the investigation.

He veered off the lane onto the edge of the roadway at night and hit a pedestrian who was walking toward him carrying a light.

The broken glasses of the victim were found in Jason Ravnsborg's car. The victim's face must have appeared in the windscreen of Jason Ravnsborg's car at the instant of the accident. How could he have not seen that he hit a man.

At the time Jason Ravnsborg claimed he didn't know what he hit and that he couldn't find the victim after the accident. However, the accident investigation reported that the light was still working the next morning. So there is a potential conspiracy between Jason Ravnsborg, the Sherrif who attended, and a tow-truck driver regarding failing to render assistance with the possibility that the victim could have been saved if he was still alive after the incident.

Jason Ravnsborg is about to be impeached. Nobody is satisfied with his version of events. The sheriff should also go.

There's more in the article.


'His face was in your windshield, Jason': Ravnsborg videos provide more details about fatal crash
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Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg's car is shown on Sept. 15, three days after a fatal crash in which Ravnsborg struck and killed pedestrian Joseph Boever, 55, of Highmore.
Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the date of the second interview involving AG Jason Ravnsborg. It was Sept. 30.

North Dakota investigators were skeptical that South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg didn't know he had struck and killed a pedestrian on the night of Sept. 12, 2020.

According to video footage from two separate interviews between investigators and Ranvsborg, made public Tuesday by the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, authorities found the reading glasses of Joe Boever inside the Ford Taurus that killed him.

"His face was in your windshield, Jason. Think about that," a detective with the North Dakota Bureau of Investigation said during an interrogation Sept. 30.

Investigating attorney: State shouldn't have released Ravnsborg interview videos about fatal crash

The release of those videos comes after articles of impeachment against Ravnsborg were filed in the South Dakota House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon.

The articles have only been filed with the Legislative Research Council and are scheduled to be formally introduced on the House floor Wednesday.

Authorities announced last week that Ravnsborg, 44, would be charged with three misdemeanors in connection to Boever's death, the 55-year-old who was walking along the shoulder of Highway 14 west of Highmore when Ravnsborg's vehicle left its lane of travel and struck Boever.

Gov. Kristi Noem called on Ravnsborg to resign Tuesday morning. In that same statement, she said the state would be releasing additional material from the investigation.

Attorney General spokesman:Ravnsborg won't resign, despite articles of impeachment

"This is not political and it is not personal," Rep. Will Mortensen said when he filed the articles. "I do not believe Attorney General Ravnsborg belongs in prison, but I know he does not belong in the Office of the Attorney General anymore."

Below are snippets of the two full interviews, totaling roughly three hours of footage, paraphrased with time stamps from the footage included. We're updating this story as we go.

Video 1: Sept. 14, 2020, interview with North Dakota investigators
Ravnsborg tells investigators he has contact info for everyone at Spink County Lincoln Day event

8:20: Ravnsborg says: "I also have, I guess I would say that I also got the waitress' name. I never met her before that night. But I got her name just to show that I did not drink alcohol that night."

Ravnsborg describes his location on the drive home

14:10: (after reaching Highmore) Thought about getting gas. Did not. Saw a sign that said 65 mph, started to accelerate; then I saw a sign that said 48 miles to Pierre. Did one of those groans like, 'Ugh, you still got 48 miles to go.'

Ravnsborg says he didn't see "anything"

14:30: "Quite frankly, wham (claps hands for emphasis) the incident happened. I never saw anything until the impact. I immediately jump out of the car and call 911 within seconds."

Ravnsborg says he looked around the vehicle after impact

16:24: Looks at the road ditch to see if he can see anything that he hit, because thinking it's a deer at this point. Did not have time to swerve.

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Ravnsborg says he sees a pickup truck, which Boever's family later said Boever may have been walking back to fix

21:10: "I did see the white pickup in the ditch at the time, but I didn’t put two and two together yet. I saw a white pickup that looked damaged in the ditch."

Ravnsborg discovers Boever's body

23:50: "I initially thought I saw a fawn or a deer in the ditch, so I said I think I see something but then I come up and it was the man, and he is not in good, I mean he’s dead."

Investigators ask if Ravnsborg wears glasses. A pair, later determined to be Boever's, was found in his vehicle.

30:00: Ravnsborg says he doesn't wear glasses or "cheaters."

"We found a pair of broken glasses in your vehicle, but they weren’t sunglasses. They almost looked like cheaters of some sort. Black-framed glass. Part of them were laying on front passenger floor board, part were laying the back seat, broken in half."


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"... Ravnsborg denies seeing a flashlight carried by Boever: An investigator asks the AG if he’d seen a flashlight carried by Boever, either after before the accident or when he’d walked back toward town while dialing 911. The AG denies seeing it, even though it was “pitch black outside.” The investigator tells Ravnsborg the light was still on when they arrived at the scene the next day, and that a witness had also seen Boever walking with it.

After Ravnsborg again denies seeing the light, an investigator says they recreated where the light would have been after the accident. “It’s hard to miss. I mean it truly is hard to miss when you’re out there, especially when you’re walking back toward Highmore,” says one investigator. The other investigator says they wanted to give the AG the benefit of the doubt and walked both sides of the highway. “That flashlight was like a beacon,” he says. ... "