Half of Singles Don’t Want a Relationship or Even a Date Many singles like being single and have more important priorities than coupling.


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The reaction to The New York Times article on social media was passionate. Many non-parents genuinely feel they are being asked to pick up the slack for colleagues with children during the pandemic while their own needs are ignored. There was also a strong sense of parents having made their choice to have children and now needing to suck it up.

The underlying tension has been there for a while, of course, but it is exacerbated by the pandemic, especially in the US where the coronavirus has run rampant and there is a much stronger sense of individual versus collective entitlement.

A workplace relationship is by definition transactional and there needs to be quid pro quo.

If a non-parent is being asked to "pick up the slack" on a prolonged basis, that's not OK. If they feel they're carrying the load of other team members beyond the point of being reasonable, they are within their rights to push back and say "no" or demand to be rewarded commensurate with that extra effort.

This shit has been happening in Australia well before the pandemic in the Public and Private sector and employers are gutless too put in place a roster system that includes employee with children taking their turn with overtime and holiday periods!

That is simply a taste of the mistreatment of non child obligated employees by gutless employers!
Evidently, Chuck is very low on the food chain.


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I think I agree with you.

People who choose to have children might feel all warm, snuggly and righteous, BUT they get to DEAL with it, even though they get a bounty in government support, it seems it is all too hard.

Tough shit kids.. Guess what? Now you are adults with children to care for. YOUR choice.. I think parents in stable marriages/relationships who have children together have an obligation to personally CARE for those children. NOT farm them off to any day care or whatever will take them off your hands. The modern family is FUCKED.

OWN IT. Covid-19 may well have woken up some parents.. I hope so ,, because 'family values' is a BS concept, one that pollies have won govt on for yrs. Like Howard... who kept the unemployed in poverty, and who's policies are still back this very day.

It is a fantasy.. a construct of politicians and social manipulators...


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Any fair mined Union member would support a roster system for all employee’s to abide with encompassing overtime and annual leave!

No of this crap, I have kids on school holidays for overtime or leave and I should have the right to choose a time when overtime is max. Or the workload is the slackest!

When ur turns up, u can knock it back but u will go to the bottom of the list for the next opportunity!

There have been cases when kiddies are considered as unimportant when overseas junkets become available - suddenly the kids are forgotten and the impact to further promotions maybe impacted by not applying for such a junket!

The problem is in many cases, employers are frightened to implement such a roster system because of denigrating a company name as being not family friendl!

I know such behaviour is considered as being discriminative in Vic but no one has lodge such a case in any State.


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Lets just face it.. fear rules the day. 🙃


No need for fear then, on anyone's part.