Electric Vehicles this week


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I see Tesla just knocked off $13,000 of the prices of their Model 3's in Australia so now on road for less than $70,000, as they are a luxury vehicle heaps cheaper than the equivalent, BMW audi or merc....in just 2 years their cheap model will be released about $40,000 AUD then it will get interesting.....

Not only that, any undelivered already bought cars are being refunded the difference.....

As scale and better manufacturing happens the Tesla's just keep getting better and cheaper it really is amazing.....
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Tesla fuel savings for the Model 3 in Australia......so about $7.500 for 100,000 km's I usually keep a car for 200,000 that would be a $15,000 saving ......considering the low end M3 Tesla battery will be good for 700,000 km's (490km range and 1,500 full charges) I would probably keep longer.... Also just about no servicing for a EV either.....

Estimated fuel savings over 5 years $5,600
Electric vehicles are less expensive to fuel than petrol powered vehicles. The average person drives approximately 15,000 kilometers and spends around $1,800 on petrol per year. In comparison, the cost of electricity to power Model 3 over the same distance is 3 times lower. Over the 5 year average length of car ownership, that's approximately $5,600 in petrol savings.
We've assumed a fuel economy of 7.0 litres per 100 kilometers for a comparable petrol powered car. We've also assumed the national average of $0.30 per kilowatt hour for electricity and $1.75 per litre for premium petrol over the next 5 years.