Dutton's done it.


Wonder woman
Another example of the hubris of the Libs.... ( not the govt) ( or YES the Government too) because pork-barreling is absolutely AOK .

Just like the Sports Rort.. these arseholes think they can do what they wish with TAXPAYER MONEY. They seem to think it is THEIR MONEY.. that they give to their mates.

Another example of the disgusting hypocrisy of the Morrison LNP Government.

Morrison will just ignore calls for accountability. He has realised .. like many CRIMINALS KNOW.. that all you have to do is IGNORE it DENY it and REFUSE to accept accountability.

Just deny it.. all the good crims do, and WALK. Let's see what happens.???


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He is a vile, evil, soulless, reprehensible creature.

The fact that he is a member of the government that leads up is a national shame.


Wonder woman
Just saw the PM Scott Morrison.
on ABCTVNews...

How utterly awful... he sounds like a fucking carpet salesman... verbiage of the lowest kind.


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they donate $1500 to Dutton .. a few days later he gives them a $850 000 grants, then a few days after that they give him another $5000 donation

lock the corrupt prick up