Did Monk phone a poster's employer?


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Thread will be archived in 5 minutes. I expect an apology from the idiot treating biased gossip as truth.

Sir Bobby

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Gossip is gossip, princess. That is all it is.

You accused me of ringing IQ’s employer and could not (obviously) substantiate that. Apologise!
Don't shoot the messenger.

AiA said
Yes, those PMs not only revealed your addiction problems but also the extent to which you and Aussie were plotting to shut down the real PA.

Am I relaxed with doxxing? Well, you got a couple of weeks suspension for posting DT's real name and employer. As for IQ, maybe he got the same. I really don't recall the details, but you got no more than he got, and he got no more than you got.

But you crossed the line by not only revealing an employer but actually contacting one.


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OK, you are banned from here for 6 months. An apology for spreading unsubstantiated slander about me is needed to end the ban.

Fuck off you gay idiot!