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Animal intelligence.

(YouTube would not load as media, dunno why)

In the dog intelligence thread I mentioned that domestic dogs often turned to humans to help solve a problem. I can attest to that:

1. One time Tiffy comes running into the lounge and started scraping her jaw on the carpet. I investigated—a bit of bone had gotten stuck between a couple of her molars. I removed the bit of bone and Tiffy returns to her interrupted meal.

2. Demi comes to me, hopping on three legs—while scratching she had got her front leg caught in her collar. I freed the leg.

The YouTube shows a cow doing the same thing. More reasoning than I thought a cow could do: Fence, calf on other side, no way cow could get calf through the fence (fence apparently an electric fence) so needed an someone on other side of fence, ask a human. Cow successfully tells man there is a problem.


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Posted that one to OzPol!a

I don’t even know if that is a dog or a bitch! Certainly maternal tho! If kitten had sat in Demi’s bowl eating Demi’s food she would not have been maternal about it!
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And that wee puppy found in that channel.. crying my eyes out. Probably shouldn't watch anymore.