COVID in the UK


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Appalling how some people react.

Each and every one of those mongrels who sends the medics abusive messages should be put on a 'do not render medical assistance' list and denied any medical attention if they ever show up to hospital with covid. The doctors and hospital staff are the heros of this pandemic and do not deserve to be attacked like this for voicing their opinions.


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It will be happening here as well. No doubt.

Our first responders, ie firies, paramedics, hospital staff, police .... cop heaps of abuse, and assaults.
Makes me wonder.. will I shit someone off on the road eg.. and some fuckhead will kill me..?

People ..Opinions, bias and hatred seem to run us these days. I remember when........ ...🎻☮🥋🌏🐋🐴🙆‍♀️🙇‍♂️🙆‍♂️🧠🙏😢

people respected each other enough to act decently ( of course I was just a wee bairn then )


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Hah! Datsun 120Y, Dad’s last car. I drove that heap of crap for some years after his passing.