Could psychopaths and serial killers be joining police forces for impunity and control of investigations?


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The link below is actually to a case in London where a recently joined police officer murdered a woman.

However, the issue is common with the US police forces where the kill rate is much higher than the UK, possibly because there is less impunity for the police in the UK than there is in the USA.

Could this be the answer to most cold cases around the world?

Why are recruits to police forces not subject to psychiatric tests to identify potential or actual psychopaths?


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I always thought all applicants through a Police Academy were required to be assessed for their suitability.

Understand.... sociopaths and psychopaths are very skilled at deception.

You can be assured the Police force is top-heavy psycho and sociopaths. Like most hierarchical structures
the top CEO's, get there because that is what they are.. which is why our society is fucked. The Lunatics are running the Asylum. .


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And the Police have spent the day basically confronting and assaulting and arresting many people who gathered for a March in respect of the murdered woman.

Did you see it.?
Appalling, and likely a proof , an evidentiary performance by those Police .

Of course the POLICE will say, nothing to investigate, just doing their job.

What do you reckon.?


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I reckon public disgust at the POLICE has shaken them somewhat. Much MORE respectful today weren't they.?