Bye Bye Donald Trump


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yes, they believe all that glory and brotherhood crap and ignore the carnage and bullets .

Don't get me wrong, I have every respect for the sacrifice our soldiers make and I thank them for it..... just don't kid yourself that joining the army is a safe career choice

No. It's certainly not. You're signing on to be property, It's something i do not hope for my children.


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I think there are a number of reasons people go into he defence forces and i do believe that some are altruistic.

What horrified me was the push by the Bush administration to recruit for cannon fodder in high schools and shopping malls of severely disadvantaged areas, promising the world, avoiding the realities. That made me sick to my stomach.
One of the first lessons any young adult should learn, regardless of where they live, is what Ronald Reagan quoted often when dealing with the works for just about everything......."...Trust, but Verify...."

The exception to that rule that we Americans have adopted is NEVER, EVER TRUST THE's been that way since before 1776, & stays with us 'till this day......


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@Shellandshilo1956 You misunderstood me. I’m not approving of this. I’m 100% against it. I want this idiot president to get our troops out of Iraq and Syria, not increase them and commit them to those countries forever. I’ve told you that before, so I’m surprised that you missed my meaning.
Maybe you should have responded with this post first, instead of the other. When you said this, I thought you were against Biden's foreign policy in Iraq.

My reaction: Strike Fucking One!!
And THIS, folks, is why substance over style fucking matters.
But then you said this,

Maybe Biden, who is who statesmanlike and sensible, can talk Australia into helping out in Iraq.
Come on, Australia! Send your boys!
Which sounds to me, that you wanted Australian troops to become a part of the NATO contingent. Then you defended your
I don't give a fuck, John. That was 18 fucking years ago.
You ready send your boys to Iraq?
But Biden is "stately" and "sensible", according to people here.
Come on, pussies! Send your kids to that shithole! Man up!
Then join up! NATO and Biden need you.
This doesn't sound like you are against Biden's policies.

However, to be fair, you DID say,

Yeah, we started it. And Trump was reducing our presence there.
And now this dipshit wants to get back in deeper ... for fucking ever!
What the fuck is he thinking???????
So I apologize if I got mixed messages from your posts. Even though Biden has not sent one soldier to Iraq, you speak as though he has. Your views to exploit everything that the Democrats do wrong, and to downplay and spin everything that they get right, seems obvious to me. You are also opposed to most progressive ideas(except Tulsi's), and to most democratic policies(which do not include bringing all the troops home). You are a Fiscal conservative, and are against these endless wars in general. But, you don't mind blowing the budget to keep funding this so-called war on terrorism.

If Biden does increase the number of troops in Iraq, it would not be surprising to me. He and Kamala are just pawns to power. They are more interested in protecting the interests of corporate America, the MIC, Wall Street, their own image, and the interests of their private donors, than in the interests of the country. They were corporate bitches before they were elected, and are still corporate bitches now. Did anyone really think that Biden would stop these endless and costly foreign wars? Just look at his 8 year record as Vice President under Obama. What has changed?

The real fear should be that Biden is 78yo. He is not going to last 4 years. This means Pamala will be President. She is ALL about image and appearances. And, nothing about vision and substance. She is an even worse egotist than Trump. At least Trump didn't sleep his way to success. She will just go along to get along. The President's job is to set the agenda for policy. He doesn't make policy. So far, his agenda has all been about revoking all of Trump policies(like Trump with Obama), and about this hyped pandemic.

As I've said before, There have only been 3 near-Progressive US presidents so far(Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson). We are in dire need of another now!! So far we are just electing actors, playing the role of President. Tulsi was the only person of substance that did not need to act to be presidential. And, her policies were just as progressives as these presidents.



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No. It's certainly not. You're signing on to be property, It's something i do not hope for my children.
Once a person swears the "Oath of Enlistment", he can no longer just quit the military. You make a voluntary commitment when you join, which does have many positives. But you also will become the property of the US Commander in Chief, and his superior officers. And, you MUST obey their orders, or be arrested and put in jail. Unfortunately, if the president decides to send your ass to "bum-fuck" Egypt, to guard their newly found oil reserves, then you must do what you are told to do.



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Trump condemns New York investigation as 'witch hunt' after supreme court loss
Donald Trump has released a statement condemning the New York investigation of his business dealings, after the supreme court rejected his request to block prosecutors’ access to his tax returns.
“This investigation is a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country,” the former president said in the statement. “It just never ends!”
Trump added, “The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did. This is something which has never happened to a President before, it is all Democrat-inspired in a totally Democrat location, New York City and State, completely controlled and dominated by a heavily reported enemy of mine, Governor Andrew Cuomo.”
Trump closed the statement by pledging that he would “fight on” and win this legal battle.

Haha when this goes to trial at least the Jurors wont be going to Trump's defense team and helping with strategies.....


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  • Voting machines company Dominion Voting today sued MyPillow CEO and fanatical Trumpian Mike Lindell for defamation after he has repeatedly spread conspiracy theories about their machines while claiming wrongly that November’s election result giving Joe Biden the win was fraudulent.


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All trump has to do to put to rest the "greatest political witch hunt of all time"

(of which there have been far many worse)

is to pony up with the tax returns to investigators ....... simples


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Humpty is easy to understand. Unless he gets protection from cover-ups no-one else gets, it is a witch-hunt, indeed the greatest witch-hunt of all time. Maybe better that Humpty not conduct himself in such a way as suggests he has been very very naughty.