Biden is No-drama Obama on sedatives ... Biden’s low profile is a bonus, not a burden


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For the first time in 4+ years the POTUS is not diverting attention from news, truth and facts.

Biden is going about his business and demonstrates how a competent POTUS operates compared to incompetent, self-aggrandizing, Donald Trump.

There is no need for the POTUS to put his face on your TV at every opportunity.

Column: Biden’s low profile is a bonus, not a burden
MAR 24, 2021 AT 2:39 PM

This is a time of pandemic, economic turmoil and mass shootings, but no issue has galvanized the American public more than President Joe Biden’s long refusal to hold a news conference. The deafening chorus of popular outcries, however, finally forced him to schedule one for Thursday.

Just kidding. Americans have a lot of things on their minds right now. Whether Biden takes the time to answer questions from the White House press corps comes in about 87th on the list. It’s mainly on Fox News that his absence has even been noticed. Most people are grateful for one bonus of Biden’s arrival: the chance to forget about the president.

If you’ve ever been awakened by a car alarm in the middle of the night, you know how stressful it is to hear it blaring again and again. Donald Trump was the car alarm that could not be turned off, making it impossible to fully focus on anything else.

No one complained when he didn’t hold news conferences, because those events were just another way for him to grab attention while spouting lies and radiating contempt for factual reality. His admirers didn’t need them, because they could get what they wanted by following him on Twitter.

But Biden is not obsessed with dominating every news cycle or feeding his vanity. He’s more intent on implementing carefully formulated policies, putting competent people in place and passing major legislation — in other words, carrying out the job he was elected to do, much of which Trump ignored or bungled.

Plenty of Americans are fine with Biden’s low-profile approach. But journalists act as if national security demands that each president submit frequently to their interrogation. “Biden has gone longer without facing extended questions from reporters than any of his 15 predecessors over the past 100 years,” huffed ABC White House correspondent Ben Gittleson.

Not quite: George W. Bush once went more than 200 days between televised, prime-time news conferences, and Barack Obama avoided them for more than 300 days. Biden stands out only for the delay in holding the first one of a new administration. But if he had decided to wait another two months, or six months, the great majority of Americans wouldn’t care or even notice.

It’s not as if journalists are being deprived of information. White House press secretary Jen Psaki restored the daily press briefings that largely disappeared under Trump. And Psaki, in another refreshing departure from the likes of Trump spokespeople, doesn’t make a practice of brazen lying.