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Australia's east coast to be smashed by a heat wave with Sydney to hit 29C on Thursday with dust storms to follow


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Could this be the start of the next fire season?

High temperatures and strong winds will have a drying effect on vegetation and trees and there will certainly be a lot of leaves flying around.

There's more information in the link.


Australia's east coast to be smashed by a heat wave with Sydney to hit 29C on Thursday – but the hottest weather in months will bring wild winds and dust storms
Parts of Australia's east coast set to warm up with Sydney to hit 29C on Thursday
However winds from South Australia could bring dust storms in parts of NSW
Severe wind warnings are also in place for areas such as Gosford and Illawarra

PUBLISHED: 01:20 BST, 2 September 2020 | UPDATED: 01:28 BST, 2 September 2020

Sydney is set to swelter on Thursday when temperatures are expected to soar to 29C.

However forecasters have warned that the unseasonably warm weather will be followed by wild winds and dust storms

A cold front moving across the southern part of the country from South Australia is being prefaced with strong, northerly winds.

'Last time we had these winds they picked up a lot of dust in South Australia, which was then transported to NSW,' Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Helen Kirkup told Daily Mail Australia.

'It will likely happen again this time around but winds have changed directions, so different parts of the state may be covered with dust.' ...